Choosing the right delivery partner is of paramount importance in todays market. Increasing bid outputs and win rates, diversifying your offering with new services and opening up new revenue streams is where Fuse adds value to your organisation.


Digital Transformation Projects & Programmes

We have successfully supported projects and programmes across the following specialist areas:

Supporting partners to deliver Cloud Transformation projects across a number of providers including Azure, AWS and GCP.

Whether it’s migrating a small amount of data or the entire backbone of the organisation, this will remain a key part of Public Service Digitalisation over the coming years.


Supporting partners across a host of core government agencies including MoD, DWP, MoJ and the Home Office. Working with us, our partners offer a wide range of services across SIAM, TOM alignment and ITSM.

Working with key tools such as Ansible, we’ve assisted partners in delivering key infrastructure automation projects across Central Government on their journey to a hybrid cloud environment.

Providing C-Suite level support to help shape and transform the digital strategy and architecture of organisations and the services they offer. Merging seamlessly with our partners, our transformation consultants play a key role in ensuring success.

Providing prebuilt teams from architects through to testing, our track record in this space is well documented. Excelling in solution delivery and enjoying the responsibility involved is a key driver in the success of Fuse.

red hat client

Partner Case Study

Find out how we supported Red Hat, a leading UK consultancy to Central Government, in delivering Security Cleared Agile Software Consultants to work on a Beta Product.

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Partner Case Study

Learn more about our ongoing engagement with Brightman Business Solutions, providing various consultants at the highest levels of security clearance.

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